Having fun with a unique production toy

So this past weekend I was part of a team of professional filmmakers test shooting a newish, back-to-the-future camera by Kodak called the Super 8, for the 44th NW Filmmaker’s Festival @ P.A.M. It’s an old format, reel-based camera with up to date tools incorporated in it to meet today’s production standards, such as a SD card slot and HDMI out port.

Our mission, directed by Ifanyi Bell,  was to come up with a creative shoot in a hour or less, using an available set, props, extras and costumes. The era was the 30’s so we had a few female extras don some ankle length dresses and big hats, sat them individually and shot each of them while closing then opening and closing the aperture again. Then we had them stand together and did the same camera move.

What was great was hearing the sound of the reel move each time record was pressed.  It unknowingly kept all talent on point without having to say a thing.  The resulting piece was to be matched to other groups that also test shot the 8, and 1 would be voted upon at NW Film Center’s screening later that day.  Didn’t get a chance to stay behind to see who won but I got a chance to talk with some production vendors there that I knew and see what’s new.  Zacuto was showing off a new extendable arm Grip Relocator that I’ve wanted.  Out of my budget range 😦

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