Our purpose

The Six10 Visuals crew has a combined 40 years of field/studio, mobile studio production and editing experience within the Portland area and beyond. With the skills that we hold, we give you a final product that is different from the competition.  We are a group of professionals that bond with clients and create their vision. If you need a single camera shoot or a mobile studio unit of multiple cameras, we have the knowledge and hardware to get it done.

Instead of a captured wedding, have a wedding that captures the imagination and flows like a dream.

Why settle for the cardboard cutout when you can have a great show piece for your archive?


About Chris

Born and raised in Oakland, California, I grew up with an interest in computer programming. By the end of my 1st year in college, I changed directions and got into music management. After 4 years in that business, I went back to school to attain a degree in Aviation Maintenance Technology. Finished the degree and got a job in Portland in the early 2000’s. The post 9/11 condition of the aviation industry drastically changed the field and I, being disillusioned with that field, left after 2 years. Enter, the media production journey.

I started taking classes a few months after leaving aviation, starting with Field Production and Studio Production shortly after. My real education came with shadowing and being a production assistant with veteran producers. I eventually started receiving requests to shoot a event here and there. After a few years of satisfying the increasing requests, I knew I had the skills to make this a organized, official business.

When I decided to start Six10 Visuals in 2016, I had many years to research the market, my competition, build my skills and tech knowledge and set realistic goals.

My journey in Media Production started in 2006. The business learning portion of it didn’t happen formally until 2014 when I was introduced to Micro Enterprise Services of Oregon. My eyes were opened to a new world and I had a lot of longtime assumptions addressed.

Over time I realized that my best asset for furthering my business is my personality. I love meeting new people and building relationships. It’s natural to me. What I add to the frontline of the business is integrity and skill. It’s a recipe for success and it’s changed my life in 5 years. There’s been no looking back.