What We Charge


Canon C100 Mk II w/ 85mm Cine lens

Basic:  $750

2 hour planning meeting
Up to 8 hours of shooting (1 camera & operator*). Drone footage add $300
Up to 24 hours of editing time (includes voice over recording)

Optimal (best for weddings): $1400

2 hour planning meeting
Up to 12 hours of shooting (2 cameras & operators*). Drone footage add $300

Up to 36 hours of editing time (includes voice over recording)

Family Memories:  This is a service specifically for the family member who wants to archive their life’s accounts through video for the next generations of their family to hold as a treasured memory.  Video provides a greater impact for future viewers than pictures can provide and has greater value in it’s durability through aging because it’s a file that can be saved in a variety of storage mediums for safe keeping against weathering:  $500

2 hour maximum planning meeting
Up to 4 hours of shooting (1 camera operator*)
Up to 12 hours of editing time (including voice over recording)

      Hourly Rate

$150 shooting (per camera/operator). Drone footage add $100 per hour

$200 for strictly Drone video or stills footage

$50 Photography
$50 editing and/or voice over recording
- Hourly clock starts at beginning of equipment load-in until 
  recording stops
- Minimum of hour shooting for this rate

       Other terms:

–  Deposit required for Package rate

–  5% Fee for cancellation under 48 hours notice. 30% deposit of total cost required.

–  30 day term for invoice

– Package rate projects must have a completion date within 1 week of start, unless previous multi-date production is agreed upon

–  Charges for extra production value elements incur for all offerings (e.g. travel to locations outside of Portland metro area [Hillsboro to Troutdale, Vancouver, WA to Tualatin])

* Extra camera/operator:  $200/each under same package or hourly specifics