Mid-year update 2017

Wow! It’s been a good year and I’ve been able to acquire some top notch equipment to really enhance my final product for the client.  Check out my pics on my portfolio!

One piece of equipment I tried out was the Glidecam Smooth Shooter stabilizer:

IMG_5739 It’s great in concept, but it had one too many moving parts that I found somewhat difficult to control in test runs, so I returned it back to Pro Photo Supply.  They are a great business for field shooters.  The staff is very patient, friendly and knowledgable. Devon and KG have been my goto staff there.  I know I can always rent it from their other department if I absolutely need it.

My goal this year is to learn Adobe After Effects.  I’m more of a shooter than a graphic editor, but I’m willing to learn a new skill to further the quality.

Will write again soon.

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