The Third Decade

They say when you get older, time tends to go by faster than you expect. That’s very true. But why? It must have something to do with how much you think about the future at your point in time when young, versus when old. I don’t remember thinking too far into the future when I was 20. I was still in limbo, trying to figure out life entering young adulthood.

Thirty years later and here we are in a year that sounds waaay futuristic for an 80’s kid: 2020….marinate on that for a sec…the year 2020. This was the year when Skynet’s computer was starting The Jumpoff….machine taking over man, according to those Terminator series. So many 80’s and 90’s movies predicted a bleak future by 2020. I remember my uncle forwarding me a story about a self proclaimed time traveller named John Titor back in 2001, who said he has a actual time machine, used it to go from the year 2036 to 1975 to bring back a specific computer. He made what was slightly attention-grabbing predictions of our future. Most notably, that we’d go into a escalating civil war that would end up in a WW3 scenario. Interesting…the first part is plausible in the current political climate. The endgame consequences I couldn’t put together as logical. But, what of the future??

Anyways, I’m kind of just babbling there. As Winter has come into play as of a week and a half ago, my volume of work has decreased some, so I get some time to reflect on the bigger world picture from time to time.

I had my awakening to the bigger picture in 2005. It was first fueled by a video tape I bought via suggestion from a guy named Alex Ansary, who had a public access TV show on Portland Community Media’s (now called Open Signal) channels called Outside The Box. This tape was the first of it’s kind that I knew of that asked peculiar questions of the events that happened during the 9/11 attacks. It was called In Plane Sight. I’ll never forget that program because it made me realize that, I, like millions of others, are pretty much sheep, herded by the corporate media and we don’t think for ourselves. We don’t ask questions when we see something oddly out of place. Now, granted, the gravity of the attacks of that day wouldn’t have anybody paying much attention to, say…. the 3rd WTC building (bldg 7) collapsing hours after the second aircraft hit a different building…especially if you’re a New Yorker. But a few people watching from other countries, that may not have allowed fear to take over their psyche for the week following, saw the forest from the trees and started digging.

The program, in comparison to later documentaries on the subject, was elementary level as far as production value and flow but it changed my thinking forever. Later that year I started researching the info providers (later to be called Truthers) that were putting together content tethered to factual footnotes and that led me to Mike Ruppert, who authored a thick book titled Crossing The Rubicon. It talked about matters of the world and the many facets behind them and I was totally pulled in. His dissertation and questions regarding the events of 9/11 were so fascinating that I read the book twice…and like I said…the book is THICK. Something like 350 pages. That book taught me to avoid the major media narrative and question the motives of EVERY U.S. president that sits in the seat.

We are at a heightened crossroads right now as a nation, as I write this post. Earlier this afternoon, Iranian military forces launched a dozen powerful missiles at multiple U.S. bases in Iraq, likely killing many soldiers and Iraqi citizens. Our so called leader responded via Twitter (not on TV like an adult) that “all is well and that we have the most advanced military in the world”. Iran’s attack was in retaliation of the U.S. forces killing of one of Iran’s top generals while he was in Iraq a week ago. The reason we killed him, according to the major media narrative, is he was planning an attack on our forces and was recruiting support.

Now one thing I know about Iran and Iraq is that they don’t and have never seen things eye to eye. They have been at war before but have been cautious and vigilant neighbors ever since. The base muslim faiths are different and that heavily influences their politics. That’s a known fact…so what was that general really doing in Iraq? That’s my first question.

All I know is that war is profitable and world powers will create a false incident to start one. History has showed us that. Crossing The Rubicon showed me that with multiple examples, including the disputed Gulf of Tonkin incident that led to the full scale War in Vietnam. The pattern shows that our corporations that profit off of wars (the Military Industrial Complex) need a war every 10-15 years. Go back through the decades of history and you see the pattern…not a coincidence. Trust.

Why am I writing about this you might be asking? Plainly, the near future might be including some dark days in it. I hope I’m totally wrong, but in case I’m not, spend more time with your loved ones. If you have faith in a higher power like I do, give thanks, ask for forgiveness and offer prayers for others.

Enjoy 2020 like it’s your last year of normalcy and comfort because it might be.

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